5 things no one tells you about being a good student

Ana Rita
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If you aren’t a good student, you probably have a not so accurate idea of how a good student is. Today I’ll tell you 5 things no one tells you about being a good student.

If you are a good student, you’ll identify yourself with these things.
I see these things in myself and other good students. Some can be real struggles. Good students are good because they study a lot

Good students aren’t gifted

First of all, many people think that good students have good grades because they are gifted. They were born more intelligent and, as such, they are more capable of getting better grades.

The truth is that in most situations this is not the case. Good students have good grades because they study a lot (and well) and they make a real effort to have the grades they want.

Grades mean a lot

Secondly, grades mean a LOT for good students. And when I say a lot, I mean it.

I’m not saying that good grades are the most important thing in the world. But they are super important.

That’s why you see many times good students really upset and even crying because of bad or even not so good grades.

It’s very frustrating when you work hard, do your best, and still don’t get the results you wanted.

Good students get upset because of bad grades because of the effort they put into it.

If you have been struggling with this, see how you can improve.

But remember, grades aren’t everything. They don’t define your worth.

You shouldn’t jeopardize your mental health for the sake of a better grade. Never forget this.

Good students have high expectations of themselves

Good students expect to have awesome grades, all the time. That’s a lot of pressure.

Probably, most of the good students are goal-oriented, meaning that they feel happy and fulfilled when they achieve the goals they set.

I am like this. I have high expectations of what grades I want to have. When I don’t attain them, I feel immensely frustrated.

This is all internal pressure. It comes from within. Good students set for themselves a very high bar.

This pressure isn’t necessarily bad. It helps good students focus and make an effort to achieve what they want.

However, if you are a good student and feel unhappy and dissatisfied all the time, there’s something wrong.

You should look inside yourself, see if you have the right motivation and also, understand that failure is completely normal.

Remember, a bad grade doesn’t define our worth and it won’t define your academic journey. If you are struggling to take good grades read my best study tips.

We can control the hours we study, our study routine. We cannot control other things that may influence our grade, like inspiration and creativity, pickiness on the part of the Professor, etc.

If you are struggling with dealing with failure, read this Forbes article here.

Good students have to deal with a lot of external pressure

In addition to a great deal of internal pressure, good students have to deal with external pressure as well.

This comes from parents, other family members, Professors, the circle of friends, etc.

When you are a good student people expect you to have good grades. A good student doesn’t have to deal not only with their own disappointment but with other people’s as well.

I had a Professor that told me once “I was expecting more”. Lots of them expect more, but don’t say it. But on their body language, we can see the disappointment.

This internal and external pressure is not easy to deal with. But remember, it is completely normal. You shouldn’t try to live up to other people’s expectations. Live only according to yours.

Some people are happy studying a lot

Good students are not sad people. Most of them find enjoyment in studying.

Good students study with a purpose. Studying is a means to an end. And the process of studying gives purpose to our life because we are studying to achieve a greater goal.

Others just enjoy studying, like it was a hobby.

Problems appear when someone studies because of external pressure. This is not a good motivation and the person will end up feeling miserable.

We can’t spend most of our time doing something we don’t enjoy, that isn’t aligned with our personal goals just for the sake of others.

Good students are not intellectual

Lastly, being a good student doesn’t mean that a person is an intellectual. It only means that the person takes good grades on a consistent basis.

In all honestly, there are plenty of good students that are so because they study a lot. They don’t think critically about life, and they don’t have strong positions based on reason.

So, it is very normal to encounter good students that aren’t wise people.



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